The Healthcare sector is South African cities is very westernized and of a fairly high standard, however, this only applies to private medical healthcare. This private option is extremely expensive and often out of the reach of the average member of the public.

Private medical healthcare in Cape Town is one of the best in the world, however, public/government hospitals and clinics here are rated as some of the worst in Southern Africa – these facilities often lack funding and are characterized by long waiting periods, shortages in medicinal supplies and equipment, and a shortage of qualified doctors and nurses on duty at any given time.

As a result, these facilities often rely heavily of volunteer help, both local and international. Due to South African labour law and subsequent visa restrictions, volunteers (even if fully-qualified in their home country) are not allowed to treat patients directly and/or prescribe any medications to them, without the supervision of a resident qualified doctor.


  • Prep-Room duties – blood and urine testing, body measurements such as weight, temperature, sugar levels, blood pressure, etc.
  • Baby Clinic duties
  • Admin/reception duties and updating of patient files/records
  • Assist with pharmacy duties – prescription and dispensing of medicines
  • Observation work with doctors and therapists
  • Assist with fundraising and medical awareness programs


08:00 – 15:00, dependent on the needs of the specific medical facility.

This program provides the perfect opportunity for both qualified medics and med students, of every study level, to gain an insight into the way things are done in the South African medical health system. Knowledge-sharing is the integral objective of this program and it is therefore beneficial to both the local facility and the volunteer alike. 


  • Placement in a suitable project and accommodation
  • Placement inventory information prior to arrival in South Africa
  • Transfer from the airport to the StayAfrica Volunteer house
  • Dormitory accommodation for 1 night during Orientation
  • Transfer to StayAfrica office for Orientation
  • Orientation Programme, including Welcome Session and Orientation Session
  • Breakfast, Mon-Fri and accommodation at volunteer House
  • Assistance with Bookings for tours and activities
  • 24-hour support whilst in Cape Town


  • Flights and Insurance
  • Meals during Orientation days
  • Lunch, dinner and weekend meals are excluded for volunteers placed at the Volunteer House
  • Evening activities
  • Transport to and from the City and to and from projects
  • Airport shuttle back to the airport after completion of Programme
  • Additional cost for special dietary requirements
  • Visa (if applicable)


“VOLUNESIA – That moment when you forget you’re volunteering to change lives, because it’s changing yours…” – Unknown.

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